The new Maybank2u website redesign stumbles

Before last weekend came, Maybank2u decided to unveil their latest website facelift. Unlike their last major Maybank2u website redesign launch, it didn’t go to well this time. The wrath of social media There was an article I read online and I couldn’t agree more that social media has made users more impatient. The moment we … Read more

How to Modify Your Domain Name at Domain Registry Malaysia

Back in January, Domain Registry Malaysia (formerly MYNIC) decided to introduce a new system for domain name owners to have better management of their domain name. The new system was integrated but there’s a major problem now. They’ve changed the only known way by domain name owners to update their domain name information. I know … Read more

Google Improves User Experience For Images

Google recently modified how it display image details in Google Images. It’s maintained the catalog style presentation of its search results but improved the image details page. Previously, Google previews the origin website when you clicked on the selected image from the results. But they’ve removed the frame and decided to concentrate on the image … Read more

Facebook Pushing Virtual Gifts

Facebook hasn’t been only an upgrade for me from Friendster but it’s been a way for me to keep in close contact with my friends. So much so, I’m really grateful for its birthday reminders – though hidden on the right side. Whenever a friend’s birthday is today, I’d visit their wall to post a … Read more

Boost Your Website with Video

Video is becoming the next mainstream media for the web. Flash may be more interactive but video hosting websites like YouTube have made it possible to interact with a video. Create your website in YouTube! It was a great idea to capture attention and boldly tell others BooneOakley isn’t your average advertising agency. Ideas like … Read more

Website Content Trumps Website Visual Design

Being a Malaysia website designer, one of the common comments heard from a client is; there is too much text on the homepage. Well, if you’re the client reading this then here’s breaking news for you. Website content beats website visual design hands down because of optimization. And, isn’t the next question you’ll always ask … Read more

The Big And The Beautiful Headlines

If you’re an Internet surfing junkie like me, you already may have stumbled across websites with the mentioned characteristics. Their headlines are bold (emphasized), large but beautiful in its unique way. Some website owners or designers do it because it fits the company branding. Some blog designers or blog authors love it because it makes … Read more