Review: Updated Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) mobile app

Ever since I learnt and practice user experience nowadays, I too now believe it should be incorporated into almost anything which we use including the GSC mobile app. Golden Screen Cinemas releases new mobile app user interface My memory first installing the GSC mobile app was with concerns because at the time, mobile app development was still very new and many were pushing the need … Read more

Stop Facebook Picture Tagging Spam

Have you been a victim of Facebook’s tag spam? You know you have when a friend tagged you in a picture which has nothing to do with your physical presence, at all. For example; you receive a notification you’ve been tagged in a photo and when you review the photo, you see this. Are you … Read more

Lenovo Ideapad V360 Battery Life and Benchmark Results

Yesterday I lugged both my Macbook Pro and Lenovo Ideapad V360 to a business network meeting. I seriously thought it was insane and unnecessary to weigh myself down. However, the weight increased wasn’t back breaking. Thank goodness. Lenovo Ideapad V360 General Battery Life If you’re constantly browsing the web, the battery will last you a … Read more

Lenovo IdeaPad V360 Wimax-inside Laptop Photos and Quickie

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d know I’ve the unreleased Lenovo IdeaPad V360 laptop with Wimax-inside in my hands now. And no, I didn’t steal it. It’s a review unit from Intel-P1 (and Lenovo) for me to experience the Wimax-inside technology built into this laptop. So far, I’ve completed the Lenovo V360 road test … Read more

Lenovo V360 with Wimax-Inside Test Drive On The Road

It’s always exciting to have a product (no one has yet) to review. I still remember the day I got my iPhone 2G for review. It was awesome! Though the Lenovo V360 with Wimax-inside isn’t as small, I’m slowly but surely falling in love with it. Plus, it feels very light. Nearly made me want … Read more

My Intel What’s Inside Contest Entries

The guesses for the contest though made easy, is really challenging. Because you only know it’s a Wimax-based product. However, you don’t know what’s the actual answer. Was it to guess: The product? The chip? The name? So many possibilities. Which I guess why its made it fun to participate. Oh, not forgetting, you could’ve … Read more