What is important in a blog footer design?

I had an inspiration for a WordPress theme. And as I thought about the custom homepage, translating it into a wireframe, I began to think. What’s so important about the blog theme’s footer? My search for an answer wasn’t very accurate. All I got were inspirational blog footer designs which highlighted the end of the … Read more

The Big And The Beautiful Headlines

If you’re an Internet surfing junkie like me, you already may have stumbled across websites with the mentioned characteristics. Their headlines are bold (emphasized), large but beautiful in its unique way. Some website owners or designers do it because it fits the company branding. Some blog designers or blog authors love it because it makes … Read more

Will Smith is Coming to Malaysia

No, I am not kidding. Rumors have it Will Smith will be landing in Malaysia next month; July. This information was leaked by a reliable source though not in direct relation to Mr.Smith. However, it’s not been confirmed if Will Smith will physically be here. ;)

What’s cooler than meeting Will Smith? I’d say a superhero, namely; Hancock. If you’ve not heard, Hancock is the superhero character played by Will Smith. Though unlike any superhero normally perfect, the story starts with Hancock being a complete buffoon. He apparently is a homeless who drinks too much and sinks a ship in the attempt of saving a whale. Talk about things which can go wrong for superheroes.

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The Future of Blogging and Blog Design

yongfook thumbnailThough I’m in Penang at the moment, here’s something a friend of mine; Jonathan, stumbled on. It’s a blog by YongFook. The name indeed sounds Chinese, he’s a Eurasion born in United Kingdom and is currently working in Japan. And he’s a web producer.

So what’s all the fuss about this yongfook character? Well, he basically has realized how blogs eventually will evolve in the future. Mind you, I rarely feature a website or blog which drives me to a point of featuring it. And he’s basically paved the future of owning a personal space.

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Professional WordPress Themes Are Never Free

Updated: February 4, 2008

It seems not all buyers are too happy with the development of this wordpress theme package.

revolution wordpress themeAnd I have Brian Gardner to prove for it. When I first installed WordPress, the Kubrick theme didn’t cut it for me so I ended up using the Simpla WordPress theme first. Then after that, I noticed it wasn’t enough. Hence, I landed up with the Dropshadow WordPress theme when I first stumbled onto Brian Gardner.

However, even with Dropshadow I still wasn’t satisfied. Then I found something which reminded me of Khoi Vinh’s Subtraction. Brian Gardner created a WordPress theme called Whitespace. This theme reminded me of Subtraction due to its base colors of black and white, not so much the layout. Being a fan of Subtraction, I knew Whitespace was the one I was looking for. But right now, I’m thinking otherwise since my commenters have pointed out its critical weaknesses.

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Compliant Blog Theme Requirements

XHTML buttonIt’s understandable not everyone knows the technical jargon XHTML. You may have heard of HTML, or maybe not. Sorry to say, this blog entry isn’t for the non-tech-savvy blog reader because I’m going to discuss about XHTML/CSS and its requirements for a blog theme.

As you know, there are now more and more emerging blog designers. Some who are Malaysia web designers making their way into blog design as well. It may be harsh to state this but I personally feel some blog designers or blog design companies are not meeting the requirements of a blog theme.

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Whitespace WordPress Theme in Pink

The response to this new blog theme was really mixed. Some liked how the new wordpress theme still maintained it’s clean layout while some found it too plain. To be honest, I was captured by the first time I saw the Whitespace wordpress theme because of its simplicity.

To those who know me and my web design style, I’d prefer things simple any day. After all, Albert Einstein once said…

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.

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10 Easy Ways to Handle Constructive Criticism

No say evilSurveys are a great way to do market research and to understand the preference of your target market. Besides that, in web design and development we have usability testing too. The test is a way to spot not only website usability weaknesses but the effectiveness of a well designed user interface (UI).

Advertising agencies on the other hand have design surveys to help identify if the new loge they may be proposing works with the target audience. With the Internet, many designers now find their feedback from blogs, forums, social networking sites and online portfolios. But I’ve seen many come under the pressure of the harsh comments or sweet compliments. So how do you keep your cool and handle it well?

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