Will Smith is Coming to Malaysia

Will Smith is Coming to Malaysia 1No, I am not kidding. Rumors have it Will Smith will be landing in Malaysia next month; July. This information was leaked by a reliable source though not in direct relation to Mr.Smith. However, it’s not been confirmed if Will Smith will physically be here. 😉

What’s cooler than meeting Will Smith? I’d say a superhero, namely; Hancock. If you’ve not heard, Hancock is the superhero character played by Will Smith. Though unlike any superhero normally perfect, the story starts with Hancock being a complete buffoon. He apparently is a homeless who drinks too much and sinks a ship in the attempt of saving a whale. Talk about things which can go wrong for superheroes.

Will Smith is Coming to Malaysia 2Like every superhero movie, the superhero does prevail – Dragonfly not included. And in every superhero movie, a super-villain must be present. From the 2nd trailer, you’ll see a hottie (though not Paris Hilton) posing a threat to Hancock. What can she do? I don’t know. How did she come about? I don’t know. But catching Hancock’s pants down with her? That I know.

Will Smith is Coming to Malaysia 3I presume Pamela Anderson didn’t fit the role cause she was already cast in the other superhero movie. Furthermore, since we’re on the topic of hot super-villains. Did you know even cartoons our kids watch have hot super-villains? Minus the low-slits, cleavages and other sexual prompting factors. If you’ve seen Kim Possible, I’m referring to Shego. Trust me, Google her image and you’ll know how hot she can be. Be warned, you might find Kim and Shego kissing too.

Alright, so back to Hancock – you can take out your hand now! What makes the whole story interesting is never in my life have I seen a superhero who’s a bum make a comeback, especially with the help of PR and marketing. I’m now wondering if this movie has a subliminal message to all heroes amongst us or the industry is trying to tell us something. Tell me once you get it cause I don’t.

Anyway, here’s a low grade VCD quality video trailer of the upcoming movie; Hancock.

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p.s: And get your hand out of your pants for crying out loud?!

Updated: July 3, 2008
Despite effort of aiming to win a new handphone, I only managed to pull of a car sticker from the contest. Oh well…

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