The new Maybank2u website redesign stumbles

Before last weekend came, Maybank2u decided to unveil their latest website facelift. Unlike their last major Maybank2u website redesign launch, it didn’t go to well this time. The wrath of social media There was an article I read online and I couldn’t agree more that social media has made users more impatient. The moment we … Read more website review quickie

MYNIC is on a roll at the moment; aggressively promoting our local top level domains (TLDs) like .MY and .COM.MY registrations. One of the recent marketing promotions they’ve launched is the iChoose campaign to persuade Malaysia bloggers to register a local domain name. I liked their simple approach of presentation and they were heading the … Read more

Website Review: Churp Churp Redesign

Before I start talking about the new ChurpChurp website, here’s a trick question to the Churpers or even, Nuffies working in ChurpChurp office. How many times have the ChurpChurp website been redesigned? 5? 10? 1? 3? Well, jump into the time machine thanks to and let me show you some of ChurpChurp’s older website … Read more

Rich Interactive Drop Down Navigation Menus

Before there was CSS, I remember using Macromedia Dreamweaver to create dropdown menus and hover behaviors. Dreamweaver would include the necessary Javascript commands and the menus would just work. Then, with CSS and tools like Suckerfish dropdowns, code became cleaner and menu creation became easier. However, it was only ordinary dropdown menus until the trend … Read more

New Project Petaling Street Website Review

Project Petaling Street, or commonly known as PPS to the bloggers of more than 5 years, is a blog aggregator website. Though the new PPS coins itself as a blog-ping aggregator – I’m not sure what’s the difference. Anyway, quick history is PPS was sold to a blogger and it laid dormant for 1-2 years … Read more

Apple Redesigns Movie Trailer Landing Pages

It’s been awhile since I visited the movie trailers on the Apple website. And I was met with awe, noticing how each movie now may have a customized landing page based on the similar template. The new original With some fine-tuning. Apple has removed their own logo and menu bar in movie landing pages from … Read more

How to Lead The Eye in Website Design

In website design now, I always say it’s not only aesthetics but how website designers should communicate their design to the objective(s) of the website or webpage. Recently, Firebug had a website redesign. From that, I’m taking away and sharing with you my observation; how a subtle design led my eye. Sunken Arrows Besides the … Read more