iChoose.my website review quickie

MYNIC is on a roll at the moment; aggressively promoting our local top level domains (TLDs) like .MY and .COM.MY registrations. One of the recent marketing promotions they’ve launched is the iChoose campaign to persuade Malaysia bloggers to register a local domain name. I liked their simple approach of presentation and they were heading the … Read more

Lenovo Ideapad V360 Battery Life and Benchmark Results

Yesterday I lugged both my Macbook Pro and Lenovo Ideapad V360 to a business network meeting. I seriously thought it was insane and unnecessary to weigh myself down. However, the weight increased wasn’t back breaking. Thank goodness. Lenovo Ideapad V360 General Battery Life If you’re constantly browsing the web, the battery will last you a … Read more

How to Ask for a Complete LinkedIn Recommendation?

LinkedIn is a professional social network for business people. I’ve heard some successful stories from friends who’ve used LinkedIn to get connected to the person in charge. Some of which have turned into successful dealings. Hence, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network to be precise. And recently, a client of Simpleet joined LinkedIn. They provide … Read more

How to Modify Your Domain Name at Domain Registry Malaysia

Back in January, Domain Registry Malaysia (formerly MYNIC) decided to introduce a new system for domain name owners to have better management of their domain name. The new system was integrated but there’s a major problem now. They’ve changed the only known way by domain name owners to update their domain name information. I know … Read more

Malaysia Website Hosting versus International Website Hosting

network-cableIt doesn’t take a genius at this moment to realize our Internet has slowed to a crawl – especially Streamyx users. Some of your favourite websites or blogs even, take more than 3-5 minutes to load on a single connection. I can’t even bear to mention the number of times I’ve refreshed and reset my connection, just to get a better IP address. For those who don’t know, selected IP connections do give a faster browsing speed. Don’t ask me why. *points to TMNet*

You may have noticed selected local websites still loading at the normal speeds. Well, it’s because the local connections aren’t fully affected by the international cables – which are down now. Yes, apparently there’s an underwater cable disruption on TMNet’s website which they always assume for its customers to refer instead of informing us via email. Well, the next common question some clients ask me is; what’s the difference between hosting in Malaysia and outside of it?

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My Blog Was Featured in The Maybank2u Press Conference

It’s been a month since I attended the special preview of the new Maybank2u website launch. Then, David informed me my review was highlighted during yesterday’s new maybank2u website press conference. It was alongside 2 other bloggers; Erna Mahyuni and David Lian.

They quoted from my entry:

…I was more impressed with one of the slides shared by Maybank’s virtual banking department. It displayed a real summary of how much commitment and importance Maybank had finally given to its website.

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The New Maybank2u Website is Finally Here

Like a number of other Malaysia bloggers, I was invited to witness and experience the private launch of the new Maybank2u website dubbed Maybank2u 2.0. Yes, as loosely the term is used I was really surprised the effort and responsibility Maybank’s virtual banking group has taken to upgrade their current website – it’s terrible now.

If there was one thing I always banged the current Maybank2u website, it was it’s information architecture or call it; website structure. I remember without fail I’d comment on how I couldn’t find anything I wanted and resorted to using Google whenever I wanted to find what I wanted on Maybank2u. But all that’s going to change – I hope.

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