The Importance of Quality Website Hosting

Danny: My dearest readers, here’s a guest article from Joanna. She contacted me to share her experience and knowledge in website hosting. This article made the cut because it was short and sweet. So, here’s your chance learn up on the importance of quality website hosting. :) Ok, so you are going to start up … Read more

Malaysia Website Hosting versus International Website Hosting

network-cableIt doesn’t take a genius at this moment to realize our Internet has slowed to a crawl – especially Streamyx users. Some of your favourite websites or blogs even, take more than 3-5 minutes to load on a single connection. I can’t even bear to mention the number of times I’ve refreshed and reset my connection, just to get a better IP address. For those who don’t know, selected IP connections do give a faster browsing speed. Don’t ask me why. *points to TMNet*

You may have noticed selected local websites still loading at the normal speeds. Well, it’s because the local connections aren’t fully affected by the international cables – which are down now. Yes, apparently there’s an underwater cable disruption on TMNet’s website which they always assume for its customers to refer instead of informing us via email. Well, the next common question some clients ask me is; what’s the difference between hosting in Malaysia and outside of it?

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Web Hosting: Cheap Isn't Good

Hi everyone,

I guess this will be my very first blog that is related to Web Hosting, which I hope will be useful as a guide to readers who are new to web hosting and would like to shop for their first paid web hosting service.

When it comes to shopping for your paid web hosting service, I’m sure you will be confused by glancing through advertisements in newspapers, online forums, search engines…etc as you will realise that there are simply too many companies and hosting packages to choose from; Which company is the best? Which hosting package is suitable for me?

Most of the time, we will automatically filter the choices available according to their prices. We tend to filter out companies who offer the most expensive packages and pick the cheapest (hopefully free if possible) provider and subscribe to their services. This is definitely the first step taken by any wise consumers and companies to reduce their expenditures.

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Michael Foo Breaks The Ice!

Michael Foo reporting in… yes, I am the well-known notorious figure online, who is quite active in doxob, Low Yat forums, MYWHT, SEMC Forum, WM… etc. Due to the fact that my ancestor is somehow related to the great grandparent of the blog owner, Mr.Danny, therefore he has invited me to contaminate his blog… and … Read more