How Search Works by Google Business Group Malaysia

google business group malaysia

The Internet is ever moving forward. So there isn’t such a thing as not learning something new. This was why I attended the recent Google Business Group Malaysia event titled; How Search Works. The event was held at a space owned by iTrain and graciously conducted by Wilfred Halim from Google Singapore, whom I’d like … Read more

Why ChurpChurp stories are not on the homepage?

I wrote a short review of the new ChurpChurp redesign recently and one of its new features was the Stories. My first impression of this was that it would’ve been like Project Petaling Street. But I found out otherwise. While ChurpChurp is running a contest to spread the awareness of their Stories feature, I’ve discovered … Read more

Don’t Lie to The Camera

Yesterday I posted about corporate videos and why I felt it’s truly a media worth investing for your corporate website. Today, I’d like to touch on adding your video to the social web. Case study: KFC Malaysia apologizes [youtube¬†] I’ve not seen the said video of the tampering, but what I want to highlight is … Read more

Make Your Corporate Video Fun

The #1 reason I want to work closely with videographers, especially if they understand online media, is because videos can play a humongous role in a corporate website. And before you read further, I’m writing this post from my personal observations. Few years back, I stumbled on a website which introduced and promoted their service … Read more

Safety Decisions and Credibility on Foursquare

Foursquare is still my primary check-in tool when I’m moving around – despite Facebook Places. But I’d like to share with you how Foursquare influenced my safety decisions and how social media have had affected credibility during my last car service visit. Foursquare tips protected me I already had plugged in my laptop, connected my … Read more

How to Export Bookmarks from Delicious?

Quite a shocker for a Friday morning to learn Yahoo is shutting down Delicious; social bookmarking service, since it was acquired in 2005. From what I’ve read, it’s due to the downsizing happening at Yahoo and Delicious isn’t the only team affected by this. Well, let’s not dwell on the matter. Quickly export a backup … Read more

Website Review:

The website owner dropped me an email to do a review of their website. And my instant reply was I’d only do it with the condition, I’m given freedom to write a website review of my opinion. They obliged so let’s jump into their website. Protective covers for iPhone 4 fanatics The website is an … Read more