Why ChurpChurp stories are not on the homepage?

I wrote a short review of the new ChurpChurp redesign recently and one of its new features was the Stories. My first impression of this was that it would’ve been like Project Petaling Street. But I found out otherwise.

While ChurpChurp is running a contest to spread the awareness of their Stories feature, I’ve discovered all stories you find on the homepage are featured stories hand-picked by the ChurpChurp team.

Proof of fact

If you don’t see the stories you shared appear on the homepage, it’s because it wasn’t virally worth being featured – like the 5 stories I had shared. Through my conversation with ChurpChurp over Twitter, all my stories were kept in my profile – for what purpose, I can’t tell.

Truth be told, I’m not happy now after learning only virally worth stories which are hand-picked by the ChurpChurp team would be featured on the homepage. This could be its Achilles heel.

Let the rakyat (public) decide

I’m not sure if the ChurpChurp team are aware of this – I believe their techies would be. But there are existing community websites who’ve implemented a self-moderating method. Through the power of the community, they vote up what is worth sharing and vote down or report abuses.

Oh well, I guess the team would look into this in their next redesign.

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