Why ChurpChurp stories are not on the homepage?

I wrote a short review of the new ChurpChurp redesign recently and one of its new features was the Stories. My first impression of this was that it would’ve been like Project Petaling Street. But I found out otherwise. While ChurpChurp is running a contest to spread the awareness of their Stories feature, I’ve discovered … Read more

Apple Redesigns Movie Trailer Landing Pages

It’s been awhile since I visited the movie trailers on the Apple website. And I was met with awe, noticing how each movie now may have a customized landing page based on the similar template. The new original With some fine-tuning. Apple has removed their own logo and menu bar in movie landing pages from … Read more

MYNIC Finally Upgrades The System

I just got the email notification from MYNIC. They are finally improving their system in key areas based on the opinions and comments from their customers. Exactly who these customers are I wouldn’t know, but with the new system: a Registrant can apply for multiple domain names in one submission. a Registrant may register up … Read more

Create an Effective Website Under Construction Homepage

Ideas are everywhere! And I found Modal’s website not long ago when doing some research for a client. They were featured in one of the CSS galleries for their new website landing page. Or, I’d say their functional under construction page. Who said under construction pages always needed the “Men at Work” signage or the … Read more

New MYNIC Malaysia Website Launches and Misses

MYNIC is the domain registry and domain registrar in Malaysia. They also are administrator for the .my top level domain name and second-level Malaysia domain names for organizations, businesses and individuals. Such as .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .gov.my, .edu.my, .mil.my, and .name.my.

Currently, you can only register Malaysia domain names with MYNICs appointed resellers. And, not every company may apply to be a reseller (even if you are an MSC company). But I’m not here to rant about the MYNIC registration process. Instead, I’d like to discuss about their new website launched on June 25, 2008.

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