iChoose.my website review quickie

MYNIC is on a roll at the moment; aggressively promoting our local top level domains (TLDs) like .MY and .COM.MY registrations. One of the recent marketing promotions they’ve launched is the iChoose campaign to persuade Malaysia bloggers to register a local domain name. I liked their simple approach of presentation and they were heading the … Read more

MYNIC (Malaysia Domain Registry) Officially Supports Maybank2u Online Payment

Woohoo! Can I get a “whoop whoop’?! Finally, MYNIC is accepting payments directly via online banking. The announcement wrote that they’ll only accept via Maybank2u as of now. Whether or not more online banking options will be added is unknown. Here’s the recommended steps for making payments via Maybank2u: Login to http://www.maybank2u.com Click ‘Accounts & … Read more

Innovation Awards 2010 by Malaysia Domain Registry

The Malaysia Domain Registry is organizing an innovation awards contest opened to SMEs and individuals using a Malaysia Top-Level Domain (TLD). Pre-qualification Criteria Another pre-qualification is your website must be registered under one of the Malaysia TLDs: .my – for Malaysian individuals and organizations .com.my – for commercial organisation/activities .net.my – for network-related organisations/activities .org.my … Read more

MYNIC May Offer Internationalized Domain Names

It seems MYNIC is weighing the opportunity to offer Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). If you’re wondering what Internationalized Domain Names are, it basically allows you to register a domain name in a specific language. Meaning, you’ll be able to register domain names using Chinese characters and others. The offering is still under market research by … Read more

How to Modify Your Domain Name at Domain Registry Malaysia

Back in January, Domain Registry Malaysia (formerly MYNIC) decided to introduce a new system for domain name owners to have better management of their domain name. The new system was integrated but there’s a major problem now. They’ve changed the only known way by domain name owners to update their domain name information. I know … Read more

MYNIC Finally Upgrades The System

I just got the email notification from MYNIC. They are finally improving their system in key areas based on the opinions and comments from their customers. Exactly who these customers are I wouldn’t know, but with the new system: a Registrant can apply for multiple domain names in one submission. a Registrant may register up … Read more

New MYNIC Malaysia Website Launches and Misses

MYNIC is the domain registry and domain registrar in Malaysia. They also are administrator for the .my top level domain name and second-level Malaysia domain names for organizations, businesses and individuals. Such as .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .gov.my, .edu.my, .mil.my, and .name.my.

Currently, you can only register Malaysia domain names with MYNICs appointed resellers. And, not every company may apply to be a reseller (even if you are an MSC company). But I’m not here to rant about the MYNIC registration process. Instead, I’d like to discuss about their new website launched on June 25, 2008.

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