MYNIC (Malaysia Domain Registry) Officially Supports Maybank2u Online Payment

Woohoo! Can I get a “whoop whoop’?! Finally, MYNIC is accepting payments directly via online banking. The announcement wrote that they’ll only accept via Maybank2u as of now. Whether or not more online banking options will be added is unknown.

Here’s the recommended steps for making payments via Maybank2u:

  • Login to
  • Click ‘Accounts & Banking’
  • Click ‘Bill Payment’
  • Click ‘Make a one-off payment’
  • Choose ‘Computer & Software & Internet Services’ under ‘View all payees by category’
  • Select ‘MYNIC Berhad’ to proceed with payment

Remember to show proof of payment

Please key-in the Registration Number of Domain Name (i.e. D********) accurately, to avoid any rejection of payment.

You are advised to fax or email us your instructions together with receipt of payment:

  • If you need your domain name to be updated immediately: OR
  • If your payment is for more than one domain name

For more information or questions, visit the MYNIC website to contact them directly.

My lingering thought

Now that MYNIC accepts payment directly, will the price as I’ve been paying be the same? Or, will it be a different price? Because suppliers give vendors special rates for registering or renewing domain names. Hence, what about MYNIC?

Or, will MYNIC’s renewal rates be more expensive to keep their relationship with their vendors in good ties? Hmm…

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