The new Maybank2u website redesign stumbles

Before last weekend came, Maybank2u decided to unveil their latest website facelift. Unlike their last major Maybank2u website redesign launch, it didn’t go to well this time. The wrath of social media There was an article I read online and I couldn’t agree more that social media has made users more impatient. The moment we … Read more

MYNIC (Malaysia Domain Registry) Officially Supports Maybank2u Online Payment

Woohoo! Can I get a “whoop whoop’?! Finally, MYNIC is accepting payments directly via online banking. The announcement wrote that they’ll only accept via Maybank2u as of now. Whether or not more online banking options will be added is unknown. Here’s the recommended steps for making payments via Maybank2u: Login to Click ‘Accounts & … Read more

How Much Will The New Maybank2u Lose?

Updated October 17, 2008 @ 4:19PM:
Guys, David told me I can login via the Classic version now.

Though there were good times of attending the new Maybank2u sneak preview, I’m beginning to worry about their website now – I’m very worried.

Despite it not being the end of the world, I’ve always used Maybank2u for a number of important online tasks; fund transfers and mobile topup. All of this is being done online because I don’t want to have to force myself to visit a 7-Eleven to get my topup or go to the ATM (which breaks down often) nearby. My tasks are so common it makes me now ponder; how much online transactions is Maybank2u losing right now due to their heavy load?

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My Blog Was Featured in The Maybank2u Press Conference

It’s been a month since I attended the special preview of the new Maybank2u website launch. Then, David informed me my review was highlighted during yesterday’s new maybank2u website press conference. It was alongside 2 other bloggers; Erna Mahyuni and David Lian.

They quoted from my entry:

…I was more impressed with one of the slides shared by Maybank’s virtual banking department. It displayed a real summary of how much commitment and importance Maybank had finally given to its website.

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The New Maybank2u Website is Finally Here

Like a number of other Malaysia bloggers, I was invited to witness and experience the private launch of the new Maybank2u website dubbed Maybank2u 2.0. Yes, as loosely the term is used I was really surprised the effort and responsibility Maybank’s virtual banking group has taken to upgrade their current website – it’s terrible now.

If there was one thing I always banged the current Maybank2u website, it was it’s information architecture or call it; website structure. I remember without fail I’d comment on how I couldn’t find anything I wanted and resorted to using Google whenever I wanted to find what I wanted on Maybank2u. But all that’s going to change – I hope.

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