Twitter Is Growing A Business Trend

A little blue bird called; Twitter, is spreading its wings very wide now. Though not a social network like; Facebook, it’s becoming a very effective social tool nonetheless. Some might brag or exaggerate by calling it a Web 2.0 thing. But to me, it’s called a social tool – no fancy jargon required. It’s great … Read more

The Best Marketing Tip I Ever Learnt

Before me and my partner founded Simpleet, we were freelance for a good number of years. Like any new company in the website industry, the first concern is how do you get yourself known. When you are a freelancer, you’ll keep telling yourself you don’t know any bosses or managers. Well, here’s the the best damn marketing tip I ever learnt; business cards.

Everyone who asked me how I started or how I got clients, I’d tell them it was thanks to my business cards. The best damn advice which came with the best damn marketing tip was:

Give out your business cards like confetti…

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Social Bookmarks Win Browser Bookmarks Hands Down

google-chrome-starThere was a phrase I heard watching Discovery Science this Chinese New Year. It goes something like, “technology is the key to the future but what is the key to technology”. It’s an inspiring start to what we could term as innovation. Therefore, browser bookmarks aren’t the exceptional tools left out of innovating our Internet experience.

So, what does social bookmarking mean?

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata.

Source: Wikipeida

Some quick examples of social bookmark services;, StumbleUpon, BlinkList, Reddit, Fark and more. But why will social bookmarking soon replace browser bookmarks?

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What's Hot in 2009 Dialogue

whats-hot-in-2009The last dialogue I attended was the Malaysia Bloggers Buff 2007. It was a workshop come forum for fresh and veteran bloggers to speak about the importance of responsible blogging in Malaysia. The passed Monday, I attended the What’s Hot in 2009 dialogue organized by the Cradle Investment Programme (CIP) in collaboration with Malaysia Entrepreneurs (MYE). I actually only heard about this event from a friend of mine who heard from a friend of his either via Twitter or elsewhere. Hail, social media! 😀

Anyway, I actually didn’t see the additional word; dialogue, when I was reading about the event. My expectations was an event where the speakers would share their insight on what’s to be hot in 2009. For example; due to the increase in oil the retail industry will be hit and consumers will look towards online as an alternative. But when I was there, it wasn’t like that.

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Digg Designer Daniel Burka Teaches a Thing or Two

Good email newsletters are a valuable source of information and inspiration. As such, I’d like to share a few snippets from Sitepoint’s 50th Design View issue. They interviewed the lead designer at Digg; Daniel Burka, and he had a lot of stuff even Malaysia website designers can or should relate today. For example.

Of course, other web sites in our area too–sites like Facebook, for instance. I think the crew down there are doing some really interesting UI work. Even if they’re borrowing from Digg *cough*. Ha ha, I’m referring to some of the new UI stuff on the new Facebook feed — they borrowed a couple of ideas. It’s funny.

Not to say that we haven’t taken a few ideas from them too!

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The New Maybank2u Website is Finally Here

Like a number of other Malaysia bloggers, I was invited to witness and experience the private launch of the new Maybank2u website dubbed Maybank2u 2.0. Yes, as loosely the term is used I was really surprised the effort and responsibility Maybank’s virtual banking group has taken to upgrade their current website – it’s terrible now.

If there was one thing I always banged the current Maybank2u website, it was it’s information architecture or call it; website structure. I remember without fail I’d comment on how I couldn’t find anything I wanted and resorted to using Google whenever I wanted to find what I wanted on Maybank2u. But all that’s going to change – I hope.

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