Make It a Triple To Go Please

Everyone has their cravings, coffee with triple shots or even a Ramly burger triple patty. Oh, now that sounds so good I’m having a sudden hunger pang for burger. T_T And what would top my Ramly burger pang, would be a triple Nutella spread on bread. Yes, you read it right. Three slices of bread … Read more

Keep Playing for Home

Back in primary school, I’ll always remember the night when I was up late on a school night in my parents room. At the time, badminton heroes were Foo Kok Keong and Rashid Sidek. Strong opponents were the likes of Indonesia and Denmark. It was the 1st time I watched Malaysia’s team in the Thomas … Read more

Lenovo V360 with Wimax-Inside Test Drive On The Road

It’s always exciting to have a product (no one has yet) to review. I still remember the day I got my iPhone 2G for review. It was awesome! Though the Lenovo V360 with Wimax-inside isn’t as small, I’m slowly but surely falling in love with it. Plus, it feels very light. Nearly made me want … Read more

Twitter Is Growing A Business Trend

A little blue bird called; Twitter, is spreading its wings very wide now. Though not a social network like; Facebook, it’s becoming a very effective social tool nonetheless. Some might brag or exaggerate by calling it a Web 2.0 thing. But to me, it’s called a social tool – no fancy jargon required. It’s great … Read more

P1 Wimax Increases Fair Usage Policy Limitations

It looks to me P1 is stepping up their game even more this 2009. Other than speaking to their users offline and communicating online through Low Yat forums, they’ve updated their wimax packages with higher fair usage threshholds. Their previous visual didn’t include the fair usage threshold but now more is put upfront. Plus, it … Read more

P1 Wimax Leaves The Decision To Malaysia Subscribers

p1-packetone-networksThe Malaysia wimax provider; PacketOne Networks (P1), has taken a step further to acknowledge the existence and importance of its subscribers in Malaysia. Besides organizing floor discussions with its current free subscribers from Low Yat, they’re now asking us, the Malaysia Internet subscribers (consumers, if you may), to tell them the next location of their Wimax rollout.

p1 wimax vote website

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P1 Website Upgrade Due to Customer Feedback

Remember how I was saying PacketOne (P1) wants to listen to customer feedback about their Wimax service in Malaysia? Well, their website upgrade proved to me they also listen to feedback on their website. I know this because I heavily recommended a number of things to their website manager during their P1 open floor discussion.

I’m also really happy about the upgrade because they’re not a company who listens and not do. This is the type of business culture many Malaysia companies don’t want to adapt. They don’t because they’re in fear of their bosses requests and because, they practically don’t want more work to do – though it helps them in the long term. But let me show you how the P1 website has been improved after the upgrade.

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Packet One (P1) Networks Rewards LowYat Members With FREE Wimax

Now here’s a company who’s really broadening their listening. Not only from their friends or bloggers, but even the members of the LowYat forum! Recently I was surprised by the fact there is now an official P1 Wimax members in the forums; Lowyat_P1W1MAX. But the coolest part, introduction wasn’t done with a normal greeting.

PacketOne (P1) Networks is offering FREE 6-months subscription to 50 LowYat members. Talk about making an entrance online. But I’m unhappy – I don’t have Wimax coverage in my area though their office is less than 15 minutes away from me. T_T

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