Lenovo V360 with Wimax-Inside Test Drive On The Road

It’s always exciting to have a product (no one has yet) to review. I still remember the day I got my iPhone 2G for review. It was awesome! Though the Lenovo V360 with Wimax-inside isn’t as small, I’m slowly but surely falling in love with it. Plus, it feels very light. Nearly made me want to do the Acer slim notebook ad. LOL!

lenovo v360 laptop
Lenovo V360

Just like the iPhone reviews I’ve written, I’m not going to go technical because I’m not an engineer either. Instead, I’ll share with you my experience using the Lenovo V360 with Wimax-inside as any common user. So here’s the first experience.

Traveling with the Lenovo V360 and Wimax-inside

Today I had to travel to somewhere in Puchong to meet a potential client for my website design company. Normally if I had to drive to unfamiliar territory, I’d bring along my Garmin but not this time. And, I’m also any data plan yet. And GPRS or EDGE is just too f*cking expensive in Malaysia. So, no access to Google Maps too.

This was an ideal test for the Lenovo V360 with Wimax-inside since it was the only thing I could rely on, besides the crappy or non-existent road signs in Puchong.

Anyway, I plotted my course using Google Maps and loaded the directions up. I also preloaded it into my iPhone, though there’s no zooming into the map to double-check the roads I used or passed – no 3G, remember. So, off I went cruising to the person’s office.

Wimax on the go, baby!

I made my 1st pit stop nearby the Tractors Malaysia building to verify the road I needed to take. Right there and then, I was overjoyed to find the Wimax coverage right where I was. Plus, it had an excellent signal! So, I naturally fired up Tweetdeck to start tweeting. ;)

twitter messages
Tweeting on the go

Safe to say, I made it to the person’s office. And there was even Wimax coverage in Puchong Utama! Woohoo! I had to squeeze the few minutes while I was there for a SpeedTest and this was the results.

speed test results
Wimax speed at Puchong Utama

Not bad. Not bad, at all. But seriously, thanks to Wimax and the coverage it had in Puchong, I made it safely and punctually to the person’s office. :)

2 thoughts on “Lenovo V360 with Wimax-Inside Test Drive On The Road”

  1. I am seriously considering this versatile Lenovo V360.
    But by the way, does it being loaded with WIN 7 Pro or Ultimate where I can
    switch aound with various languages.

    Can some vendors offer me a model suitable for On-The-Road computing.
    I travel through the peninsula from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Singapore quite often
    during field asignments.

    Thanks in anticipation of any useful advice.

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