Lenovo IdeaPad V360 Wimax-inside Laptop Photos and Quickie

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d know I’ve the unreleased Lenovo IdeaPad V360 laptop with Wimax-inside in my hands now. And no, I didn’t steal it. It’s a review unit from Intel-P1 (and Lenovo) for me to experience the Wimax-inside technology built into this laptop. So far, I’ve completed the Lenovo V360 road test – literally, all the way pass Tractors Malaysia to Puchong Utama. ;)

Now, it’s time to formally introduce the Lenovo IdeaPad V360 with Wimax-inside notebook to you. In short, I find it lightweight, convenient with Wimax, average lasting battery but more than enough to handle your office and blogging-on-the-go needs.

picture of lenovo box
Lenovo box

Here’s a visual description of the Lenovo V360. Kicking it off with the Lenovo box. At first glance, when I saw the box, I thought the unit was pretty big. But the 13″ laptop inside is really nicely sized. :)

Lenovo IdeaPad V360 Powered by

lenovo logos
Powered by logos

On the bottom right of the keyboard, you’ll find the logos from NVIDIA, Intel Core i3, Windows 7 and Wimax forum. Including, Lenovo’s finger print scanner. Nonetheless, I was surprised to find a sticker to signify the Wimax built into the laptop. Because when I attended the What’s Inside bloggers event, one of the concerns was how to tell if a netbook or notebook had Wimax-inside. So, I guess this was the solution – easy. :)

Lenovo logos and mouse surface

lenovo stickers
Why use Lenovo?

This is a common sticker used by Lenovo to tell you what solutions are installed into this system. But what I like more about this area, is the mouse surface on the Lenovo. It’s got a bumpy (and slightly rubbery) surface. Great feeling when using it. Much better than the red dot IBMs had.

picture of the surface
Notice the bumps?

Lenovo IdeaPad V360 ports

The ports are only located on the left and right. And I found it surprising to find 2 port types on this notebook. They were; eSATA and HDMI. It looks to me eSATA is becoming a common port very soon. As for the HDMI port, I guess it’s to use your laptop as an alternative media player if you’re not purchasing a standalone version.

left side of Lenovo V360
Left ports
right ports on Lenovo V360
Right ports

Lenovo IdeaPad V360 Technical Specifications

I couldn’t find the official information on Lenovo’s website. But based on the Wimax Inside website, the specifications are:

ProcessorIntel Core i3 @ 2.27 GHz
Operating SystemWindows 7 Home Premium
Hard Disk Space500GB SATA HD (7200rpm)
Memory2048MB (2GB) DD3 SDRAM
Graphic CardNVIDIA GeForce 305M 512MB
Wireless ConnectivityIntel Centrino Advanced-N + Wimax 6250 / WiFi ready
Display13.3″ (glossy surface)

And you know what I realized, there is no CD/DVD drive! Doh.

Well, I hope this visual coverage was helpful to some who may be wondering what the Lenovo IdeaPad V360 looks like and possibly, what is offered. If you’ve additional technical questions, you may want to pose them to Lenovo. They’ve got a Twitter account too. ;)

5 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaPad V360 Wimax-inside Laptop Photos and Quickie”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the pictures and the brief review! The only proper pictures and review I could find online, and it looks like a very nice laptop. But I’m curious to know, what an “average lasting battery life” is, roughly – 3-4 hours?


  2. So far if I’m constantly using it to browse the web, the battery life has been lasting for about 3-4 hours. On standby, it can last as long as 6 hours or more thanks to how either the OS or machine goes into power saving mode. :)

    I’ve yet to do another test on battery life using video and music.

  3. This machine would be perfect for my Admin & Field Interpretative / Guiding & MLM assignments in the multilingual environment.

    I wonder whether I can have the OS upgraded to WIN 7 or Ultimate, how’s the compatibility !?

  4. The Lenovo was already running on Windows 7. But if you were referring to Win7 Ultimate, then my guess is it’ll slow down a tad.

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