Intel: What’s Inside Bloggers Event

Last night, bloggers stormed the Intel office to find out what’s inside. Though we still had to register ourselves at the reception for a pass and get another pass when we reached the Intel office. At the same time, we were asked to sign our souls away to an NDA. However, I’m not sure what we’re not suppose to disclose here. LOL!

intel office logo
It's definitely Intel inside

So anyway, the event kicked off with food – as usual. As bloggers, we’d always like to ask if there’s free food or drinks as part of the parcel attending an event. Hmm, not sure if that’s a good thing. :P

After dining in the lovely conference room, we then adjourned to the training room – I think. In here, we sat in comfortable office chairs, resting our tummy filled bodies and the emcee introduced the 1st speaker.

Vanessa Ng, Intel Malaysia Marketing Manager

intel malaysia employee

The speaker following that I definitely know. We hung out at LOL cafe over some great food. And hopefully, I’ll be dining with them again soon. :P

Kenny Wong, CMO from P1 Network

kenny wong from p1
Kenny Wong

After hearing how Intel and P1 are doing their part in moving technology forward, we had another Intel speaker cover technical benefits of using Wimax on the go. Let’s call him…

The Intel techie

intel malaysia employee

After all the talking and listening, we got our hands dirty on the Wimax-enabled notebooks. Seriously, I’m not sure what information can’t be disclosed so on the safe side I’ll say, Wimax-powered notebooks are going to be accessible and affordable. ;)

Once play time was over, it was back to our seats for some Q&A with the Intel lady, Kenny, Intel techie and joined by them was also the Intel sales/marketing guy (if I’m not mistaken, again).

Q&A session
All having a good time

There were various questions posed from the floor. Notable ones I remembered are:

  • How’s energy and battery consumption?
  • How’s the signal receiver?
  • Is multiple account support possible?
  • Is the wave transmission hackable? (don’t ask LOL!)

Before wrapping up the event, emcee gave the bloggers a photo opportunity and I was quite surprised by this. Because normally, bloggers aren’t treated similarly as media. Well, very rarely I’d say. So, hurray! :D

Intel lady and Kenny posing with laptops

Well, that’s what went down at the event. And I don’t believe I’ve revealed too much which could cost me the NDA. But I would like to share a tip, if you’re joining the What’s Inside contest, they may be looking for this answer; what’s the name of the Wimax chip?

By the way, do you think Wimax notebooks and netbooks will increase the Internet subscribers in Malaysia?

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  1. Did you read the NDA? If not mistaken there’s one clause saying you’re not supposed to tell people about the NDA.

  2. @goldfries
    Sign an NDA to not disclose its an NDA? Hmm, weird but I guess I’ll just remove it. :P

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