What is Inside? Wimax is Inside

Doh. In particularly, the Intel Centrino Advanced-N with Wimax 6250. And I’ll say this again, damn I had to miss this event. ¬†Anyway, I still love you – Intel, P1, Wimax, BNI and, work. *shiver* 6 computer manufacturers offer Wimax notebooks or netbooks With the unveiling of the new notebook laptops and netbooks, from 6 … Read more

Yahoo! Malaysia, I found a ticket for Youreka!

In an effort to remain a popular choice to Malaysians, Yahoo! Malaysia is now running an online contest in their new marketing campaign; Youreka! This campaign is to promote and increase their awareness, readership, members to their news portal, mail service and other services offered. The idea is a treasure hunt to locate one of … Read more

Sneak Preview: My DiGi Pimp My Broadband Video

Firsly, I’m not a qualified film director. Secondly, I’m also not a trained graphic designer and yes, there is a difference between a graphic designer and website designer. If you don’t know this, you’re either in the wrong job or you’re in the wrong company! :P Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect from … Read more

Media Pass Giveaway to Malaysia Rock The World 8 Music Festival

If anyone asked me to name 5 Malaysia bands, I’d probably say; Disagree, Popshuvit, Couple, Dragon Red and Butterfingers. Some of the names I know because I’ve heard it all the time repeatedly mentioned on the radio. Some I know the band members personally. :) But shy to say, I don’t know much of our … Read more