Good or Bad: Fish Head Curry Restaurant Owner Sues Google and Malaysia Blogger

It’s natural for newspaper articles with headlines Google and bloggers to tickle me. But it commands more of my attention when I see that someone is trying to sue them. Lol. And in The Star, it read Google and Blogger sued by curry fish head restaurant owner. Er, what? So a Malaysia blogebrity (blog celebrity); … Read more

Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) 2010 Presentation Slides

I wasn’t able to attend the Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) at PJ Hilton. But I did stumble on these slides which have been uploaded to SlideShare by Vinoaj. Therefore, thought I’d share them here with you too. :) Gamc2010 09 – price testing holy grail of marketing – rachit dayal – happy marketer Gamc2010 … Read more

Good or Bad: Facebook Acquired Malaysia Octazen Solution

Few days ago, I caught word from Chee Aun on Twitter that Facebook acquired a Malaysian company; Octazen Solution. I’m always very excited and curious whenever I hear an acquisition of a Malaysian company by an international entity. To me, this represents our potential and richness of hidden talent in Malaysia. And it was a … Read more