How Search Works by Google Business Group Malaysia

google business group malaysia

The Internet is ever moving forward. So there isn’t such a thing as not learning something new. This was why I attended the recent Google Business Group Malaysia event titled; How Search Works. The event was held at a space owned by iTrain and graciously conducted by Wilfred Halim from Google Singapore, whom I’d like … Read more

Infineon Invests RM 500 Million to Expand R&D and Manufacturing in Malaysia

Melaka, Malaysia – July 9, 2012 – Infineon Technologies announced at the groundbreaking for a new development centre today that it is investing RM 500 million to expand R&D and manufacturing activities over two years in Melaka, the site of Infineon’s largest backend manufacturing operation. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the Chief Minister of Melaka, … Read more

MYNIC (Malaysia Domain Registry) Officially Supports Maybank2u Online Payment

Woohoo! Can I get a “whoop whoop’?! Finally, MYNIC is accepting payments directly via online banking. The announcement wrote that they’ll only accept via Maybank2u as of now. Whether or not more online banking options will be added is unknown. Here’s the recommended steps for making payments via Maybank2u: Login to Click ‘Accounts & … Read more

Microsoft wins copyright lawsuit against computer dealer who installed pirated software in branded computers

Concern over branded computers sold with pirated software leading to cyber security risks Kuala Lumpur, 19 April 2012 – Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”) has won a civil lawsuit against Vital IT Marketing Services Sdn. Bhd. (“Vital IT”), a company incorporated in 2002 and whose shares are valued at RM1 million. Vital IT has been in operation … Read more

Microsoft Office 365 Launch in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – July 7, 2011 – Microsoft Malaysia held the Malaysian launch of Microsoft Office 365, the company’s newest cloud service, at a media event at The Westin Kuala Lumpur that followed the global launch in New York on June 28, 2011. Office 365 is now available in 40 markets, and it brings together Microsoft Office, … Read more

Don’t Lie to The Camera

Yesterday I posted about corporate videos and why I felt it’s truly a media worth investing for your corporate website. Today, I’d like to touch on adding your video to the social web. Case study: KFC Malaysia apologizes [youtube] I’ve not seen the said video of the tampering, but what I want to highlight is … Read more

Groupon Acquires Malaysia Startup Company GroupsMore

I’ve not followed the GroupsMore startup but I was really excited to hear about this. In truth, I’ve only recently signed up for GroupsMore as an experimentation to purchase a t-shirt printing deal. Groupon came from the concept of bulk-buying. It leverages the buying group power to tip or win the deal of your choice. … Read more

Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Audits Bloggers

My, oh, my. Imagine answering the door with 2 men wearing round shaped glasses, suited up, carrying briefcases, waltzing into your home. Or, a bright table lamp shone upon you while you only hear questions, within a dark room. Okay, maybe the IRB don’t do those things. But they sure will fish your file out, … Read more

TMNet Slows Down Video File Downloads

Just got word over Twitter, TMNet is throttling Streamyx user connections on video file downloads. It’s now a proven fact thanks to Low Yat forum members who benchmarked download speeds between video file and compressed file downloads. See the proof and join the discussion at Low Yat. Instead of wreaking havoc on our undersea cables, … Read more