Microsoft wins copyright lawsuit against computer dealer who installed pirated software in branded computers

Concern over branded computers sold with pirated software leading to cyber security risks Kuala Lumpur, 19 April 2012 – Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”) has won a civil lawsuit against Vital IT Marketing Services Sdn. Bhd. (“Vital IT”), a company incorporated in 2002 and whose shares are valued at RM1 million. Vital IT has been in operation … Read more

Someone Is Stealing My Blog Content Again

Not even a month has passed and I’ve found another thief stealing my blog content. This thief is smarter in hiding his/her identity but I’ve a hunch he/she is from China. The article ripped off is my iPhone in Malaysia upgrade from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1. It seems there is an increase of spam blogs all … Read more

Someone Is Stealing My Blog Content

I’ve never considered myself a Malaysia prominent blogger. Heck, I’ve never even self-proclaimed it but apparently some b*stard thinks so and is now stealing my blog content – text and images. The best part is he’s stealing it and posting it up in his created Blogger account. Thank you, Blogger (and Google – since you own the company).

Obviously, the first thing I did was find a way to report it to Blogger. And what d’ya know, I found the most accurate heading; Someone is stealing my content. I really expected to find a form or something but they’ve made it a tedious process for you to report someone stealing your content. Want to know why?

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