Someone Is Stealing My Blog Content

I’ve never considered myself a Malaysia prominent blogger. Heck, I’ve never even self-proclaimed it but apparently some b*stard thinks so and is now stealing my blog content – text and images. The best part is he’s stealing it and posting it up in his created Blogger account. Thank you, Blogger (and Google – since you own the company).

Obviously, the first thing I did was find a way to report it to Blogger. And what d’ya know, I found the most accurate heading; Someone is stealing my content. I really expected to find a form or something but they’ve made it a tedious process for you to report someone stealing your content. Want to know why?

First of, it states Blogger (or Google) won’t have any hand in your case unless you file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against them and the Blogger account involved in the case. Secondly (and the part which turned me off) is:

…you must provide a written communication (by fax or regular mailnot by email, except by prior agreement) that sets forth the items…

So much for being a 21st century company when we (Internet users) can’t easily report a simple abuse of someone is stealing my content via the Internet. And, do you know what wasted cost it’ll be to post a mail (or even fax) my letter to US from Malaysia?!

I’m not seeking any damages from Google or whatsoever. I simply want Blogger (or Google) to do 2 simple things:

  1. Flag the blogger’s account as a warning.
  2. Remove or delete the blogger’s account without further warning if they continued their current activities.

I believe Google is more than smart enough to come up with an intelligent system or AI driven system for this. After all, they’ve brought us the most popular search engine today and have recently released their own Internet browser; Google Chrome.

Download the full screenshot (.ZIP – 1.38MB) to view the 5 articles he stole including text and images: [download#1]

And, my personal investigation has led me to believe the said pirate is a Turkish blogger. Plus, out of the 5 articles he has stolen (including pictures) from my blog, he’s stolen from other bloggers too. So better be wary as the Turkish pirate may visit your blog next.

Updated Today @ 12:22pm:
I’ve found a picture of the pirate. I’ll keep it for legal matters if it does come to it later.

19 thoughts on “Someone Is Stealing My Blog Content”

  1. Molly:
    Yes. Word for word. Including my images.

    Well, I’m still angry but Google doesn’t make this any easier.

  2. Hi,..

    “Thank you, Blogger (and Google – since you own the company).” So do you blame the gun makers or the person who shoots the gun?

    If you put yourself in Blogger’s (or Google’s) shoe, it is pretty difficult for them to handle such cases.

    While you, myself and the rest of your reader knows that it is your content, but how would Google know that it is your content and not that you were the one who stole it from the ‘pirate Turkish blogger’ and publish it in an earlier date?

    Which is why you need to file all the legal mambo-jumbo stuff.

    Well this things happen to me all the time,… welcome to the interweb!

  3. Unfortunately it’s more common that we’d like.

    Everytime I post something at, sure someone will link farm it and I’ll see the post on a hundred spam blogs. Think of it as a compliment that someone thinks your content is worth copying?

    And just saying Hi because I didn’t at the M2U launch. Sorry, ah. Was very emo at the time XD

  4. jibone:
    Indeed, from a legal view of a super corporation like Google you’d need yellow to red tapes before an issue receives the higher order.

    As you know, I wrote the entry out of frustration and anger knowing how something as this is easily permitted. And, because I know you can easily report spam blogs then why can’t users have a easy way to report plagiarism.

    Submission isn’t so much of having the issue resolved instantly but to maintain order and cool between the victim and the corporation. But yes, I guess I could just start telling myself I’m becoming more famous now. LOL! 😛

    I’ve grown to ignore blogs which start their piracy with Erina said [my article here]. But this came to me as a large shock when I found someone plagiarizing word for word. T_T

    Sigh, oh well, like jibone said to look at it from the brighter side.

  5. I understand well your frustration with Google’s DMCA policy and have written about it many times on my site. However, I know a way to email a notice in to them and I have gotten it to work many times before.

    It is still a bit of a pain, but take a look at this:

    Basically, make your fax a PDF and email that. It adds a few steps but is much faster and easier than the alternative.

    I hope this helps and let me know if there is more that I can do to assist!

  6. Considering how hugely popular blogspot is, maybe it’s understandable that Google doesn’t make this easier. If they make it any easier, there might be too many false positives for Google to spend resources on. 😛

    Just imagine being a blogspot user, getting a warning every now and then just because some people don’t like you. I’m no expert, but I would think Google doesn’t index websites as soon as they update, hence they can’t really tell who wrote a piece of article first and can claim ownership to it.

    They might end up pissing up more of their users, than actually solving copyright issues.

    Not that I’m in support of Blogspot being a pain to your rightful claim, just a thought 😛

    And Hi! been a while since I read your blog 😀

  7. Jonathan:
    Thanks for that. However, I’ve more concerning matters to entertain now – work. 😛

    If the guy thinks my content is worthy, I guess that’s a very good thing and an added point to my ego. ROFL!

    Where have you been?! LOL!

    And yes, I’ve pondered on what you said too. Just hope Google finds a better method to curb the issue of someone is stealing my content.

  8. Ikram:
    Rather than giving him a free email address to spam, I’ll keep to my options now. Either file a DMCA or just take it as a huge compliment to my writing of ego. 😛

  9. One blogger copied the contents from my site (my food blog). I filed a DMCA complaint with the host and the whole site was deleted from the host’s server within 24 hours of my written complaint.

    The hosts (including Blogger) requires a written complaint from you because within the complaint is an undertaking on your part that in the event what you complaint is untrue, then you will be liable to damages instead of the host. It’s an undertaking and indemnity. With that undertaking and indemnity given to the host, the host will be protected and will proceed to remove the offending contents / site.

    Yes, it is a bit troublesome to have to write or fax to them but it is a small price to pay for someone plagiarising your contents.

  10. Pablo, I never knew you had the same problem as well. Especially since your articles are really well crafted and written. 🙂

    Oh well… we’ll see how it goes then.

  11. Google’s policy with regards to this is dumb. Are they trying to make it as complicated as possible with the hope that there will be less people filing such complaints? Someone stole two of my images and put it up in his blog. After going through Google’s requirements to such a complaint, I decided it was not worth the trouble.

  12. I’ve a strong feeling the thoughts I had running through were similar to mine. And the person is still stealing my content. So, hooray.

  13. how did you find out that he was copying? did you stumbled onto his blog by chance or you have some way to find it out?

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