Website Review:

Recently James from Loopy Meals informed me of the launch of Malaysia’s First Online Bulk Discount Store; Being an avid bulk buyer in Low Yat Forums (LYN) and soon to be seller, the addition of Tumpang has added yet another channel for me to sell stuff online with confidence.

To be honest, Tumpang’s order in bulk and get a large discount concept is not totally new to me since I’m one of those Internet junkies who hang online often especially at the LYN Bulk Orders. Both Tumpang and the LYN Bulk Orders are almost identical of concept while some would debate on it’s the same. However, I believe the only big difference is Tumpang stands alone and removes the dodgy atmosphere I’ve heard a friend say after showing him the LYN Bulk Orders.

Now that you know what Tumpang does and how it could drive your sales up, let’s get down to the detail and review of things. I’m Danny Foo, a Malaysia web designer who design websites not for mere aesthetic value but for purpose, business and its users.

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