Company Registration Requirement for Online E-commerce Stores

Back in January, a newspaper article jolted the Malaysia e-commerce community when a blogger had challenges with her taxation. The shock to the community came when the IRB spokesman said: …online businesses including via Facebook were bound by the Income Tax Act 1967 and their income were taxable just like fixed income. Honestly, it’s not … Read more

Facebook Pushing Virtual Gifts

Facebook hasn’t been only an upgrade for me from Friendster but it’s been a way for me to keep in close contact with my friends. So much so, I’m really grateful for its birthday reminders – though hidden on the right side. Whenever a friend’s birthday is today, I’d visit their wall to post a … Read more

E-Commerce in Malaysia Lacks Smart Consumers

I was reading an article by CKWong titled; Asia Pacific’s E-Commerce Statistics at a Glance, on the position of countries in terms of e-commerce spending and their habits. Here was one of the charts he showed. The first thing I did was look for Malaysia. Where in the chart is Malaysia for e-commerce when we … Read more

E-Commerce Design Mistake to Avoid

I’ve never been a fan of website templates. Half the time they may look good but experience wise, they can be horrible because they lack user experience. If you’ve not heard of user experience, simple to say it’s about designing a good experience for the user. How do you design an experience? Well, in short … Read more

Intel Offers Cheaper Intel Core i7 Computers at

tumpang jom jimatPreviously, I was invited to the media event at All IT Hypermarket organized by It was to announce the collaboration of Intel and to bring much more affordable computers to Malaysia consumers. Tumpang has been around since 2007 (or earlier) plus I once did a website review on them (Tumpang).

The buzz in the CPU or processor industry is Intel’s Core i7 model. Anyway, there’s going to be less typing (if I can help it) and more photos. ;)

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How to Start an E-Commerce Business in Malaysia?

picture of shopping cart with moneyWith the advancement of online (web) applications, starting an e-commerce website and selling products online has never been easier. The best part is it sounds easy and it IS easy. So what do you need to start an e-commerce business today? I’d say, around RM10,000 or USD3000 for the investment.

And I wasn’t kidding about the figures. If you’re asking, why are the figures so high? It’s because I’m talking about professionally designed, real search engine optimized, online advertising and marketing type e-commerce businesses. If you’re still saying; but you said it’s so easy to start selling online today, yes I did say it but easy doesn’t always equal to cheap. Let me give you a quick breakdown of where the investment would and should go if you wanted to start an e-commerce business.

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Website Review:

Recently James from Loopy Meals informed me of the launch of Malaysia’s First Online Bulk Discount Store; Being an avid bulk buyer in Low Yat Forums (LYN) and soon to be seller, the addition of Tumpang has added yet another channel for me to sell stuff online with confidence.

To be honest, Tumpang’s order in bulk and get a large discount concept is not totally new to me since I’m one of those Internet junkies who hang online often especially at the LYN Bulk Orders. Both Tumpang and the LYN Bulk Orders are almost identical of concept while some would debate on it’s the same. However, I believe the only big difference is Tumpang stands alone and removes the dodgy atmosphere I’ve heard a friend say after showing him the LYN Bulk Orders.

Now that you know what Tumpang does and how it could drive your sales up, let’s get down to the detail and review of things. I’m Danny Foo, a Malaysia web designer who design websites not for mere aesthetic value but for purpose, business and its users.

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