Is the Website Losing to Facebook Pages?

I was pondering on this question awhile back. So much so, I wanted to ask a few Malaysian social media enthusiasts and drivers about their viewpoints. Even today whilst having lunch with a client-turn-friend, she was sharing with me how powerful Facebook in general had become in generating business. From building websites to SEO and … Read more

Become a Website Design Evangelist

The definition of an evangelist: a person marked by evangelical enthusiasm for or support of any cause. Source: The cause which I support for awhile now is none other than web standards. The ideal of creating websites in compliance to usability and accessibility. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is only a guideline of … Read more

E-Commerce Design Mistake to Avoid

I’ve never been a fan of website templates. Half the time they may look good but experience wise, they can be horrible because they lack user experience. If you’ve not heard of user experience, simple to say it’s about designing a good experience for the user. How do you design an experience? Well, in short … Read more

The Time Spent Developing a Website

Don’t take it to heart but yeah, it pretty much summarizes certain parts of developing a website. Though most of the world still uses Internet Explorer, Malaysia website designers and developers strike very hard to make it compatible for these non-modern browser users. P.S: Developing in CSS now doesn’t take as long compared to creating … Read more