Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Audits Bloggers

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My, oh, my. Imagine answering the door with 2 men wearing round shaped glasses, suited up, carrying briefcases, waltzing into your home. Or, a bright table lamp shone upon you while you only hear questions, within a dark room.

Okay, maybe the IRB don’t do those things. But they sure will fish your file out, if they found you under declaring a large revenue. How large? Well, safe to say, an average monthly salary.

If you read TheStar today, RedMummy was informed by the Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRB) about this.

And quoting the article, here’s another type of online income which is taxable.

An IRB spokesman said online businesses including via Facebook were bound by the Income Tax Act 1967 and their income were taxable just like fixed income.

Meaning, blogshop owners or the ones who sell goods via Facebook picture tagging spam, also are bounded by the same law.

But if I were to play the devil’s advocate, you may be lucky to be not picked out, if you’re very low profile.

9 thoughts on “Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Audits Bloggers”

  1. Well, I’ve a feeling the IRB can knock on your door and question your earnings when they analyze your cashflow. And when they investigate, you’ll need an answer to that question. :)

  2. I don’t mind paying if I am making a lot from Google. But how does IRB knows how much we are earning? They are going to compel Google to reveal our earning statement to them??

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