Stop Facebook Picture Tagging Spam

Have you been a victim of Facebook’s tag spam? You know you have when a friend tagged you in a picture which has nothing to do with your physical presence, at all. For example; you receive a notification you’ve been tagged in a photo and when you review the photo, you see this.

perseverance poster
The guy ain't me

Are you insulting me by saying the guy is me? Or, were you too lazy to personally speak to me and motivate me as a friend, after you read my Facebook wall postings.

Real friends know you better

However, I personally find the above image still acceptable. As compared to friends who selfishly tag you in images related to their business products, which you’d have no interest what so ever! If you were my friend, wouldn’t you have known I’m not interested to invest right now?

Then, why did you think of tagging me in this picture.

email campaign
Not my kind of investment right now

Stop damaging your friends Facebook reputation

If you don’t know how Facebook works, learn how to use it as a personal tool rather than a business tool. Recently, I noticed a friend of mine was tagged in 2 unrelated pictures which even if he was interested, would’ve been best kept private. He was tagged in 2 lingerie pictures.

I didn’t have to jump to any conclusion that my friend fell victim to another Facebook picture tagging spam. And at that moment I thought to myself, my business colleagues and clients who I’ve friended are also seeing this via their Facebook stream. Gosh.

Act to curb Facebook picture tagging spam

Curbing this can only be made possible by you. It’s okay to have more friends. But think of how your friend’s actions can affect you in Facebook.

Therefore, tell them with a personal message to stop tagging you in unrelated pictures. If it falls on deaf ears, my choice would be to un-friend them.

Because, I know my real friends would listen to me.

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