Facebook Etiquette for Mass Personal Messaging

Malaysians may be the 4th most active users in Facebook, but our Internet etiquette is still like we’re underneath the shell. Seriously.

Time and time again, we’ve reminded email users to please use the Carbon Copy (CC) or Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), do they listen, yes. However, many still forget and continue to blast out without this etiquette. And by the way, if you do this monthly from your corporate email using programs like Outlook, you’re now in high-risk of getting blacklisted by Google, Yahoo and Hotmail

Now comes Facebook. I’ve had some wedding invitations from friends. It starts out alright when they mass message old friends intended to inform them of their happy day. However, it becomes frustrating and disappointing (for me) to learn, everyone only hits Reply to All when they want to inform the bride or groom of their mailing address. Did you know, what may happen when you do this?

Invasion of private information

Irregardless of our friendship, I may not know the rest of the friends you’ve mass messaged. In the worst possible case, you and I may not know how my private information can be misused by any friend.

Facebook unintentionally spams me

I can’t remove myself from a conversation, unlike pictures. Soon enough, your mass message about your wedding starts feeling like Facebook tagging spam. So, dear Facebook team, could you please allow me to remove or mute conversations in mass messages?

Prevent this unhealthy etiquette

These are the 2 things which I’ve observed so far. And it’s only corrected once a friends comes forth and informs the others to reply individually.

If you’ve friends or the sender who hits Reply to all too, send the original recipient a personal message about this etiquette and ask them to inform the group.

It takes a real friend to stand up for a friend. :)

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