How to Export Bookmarks from Delicious?

Quite a shocker for a Friday morning to learn Yahoo is shutting down Delicious; social bookmarking service, since it was acquired in 2005. From what I’ve read, it’s due to the downsizing happening at Yahoo and Delicious isn’t the only team affected by this. Well, let’s not dwell on the matter. Quickly export a backup … Read more

Yahoo! Malaysia, I found a ticket for Youreka!

In an effort to remain a popular choice to Malaysians, Yahoo! Malaysia is now running an online contest in their new marketing campaign; Youreka! This campaign is to promote and increase their awareness, readership, members to their news portal, mail service and other services offered. The idea is a treasure hunt to locate one of … Read more

MSN Website Submission is Broken

A value-added service for website design in Malaysia is assisting clients to submit their websites to search engines. Three of the more popular search engines worldwide are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Though Nielsen reported in 2006, the accumulative total of users using an alternative nearly surpasses MSN Search. So there I was about to submit … Read more

How Can I Get More Readers To Read This?

This in particular is the subject itself. Or, more commonly known as the headline, which catches the reader’s attention. It’s not every day you come up with a good headline then notice throngs of people wanting to read it. Well, you don’t need a headline if you’re already popular in my opinion. :P Right now, … Read more

Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

magnifying-glassA friend of mine showed me his new website pending launch on Tuesday. It was done by another Malaysia website design company and not us at Simpleet Solutions. He was rather concerned about the position of his company website in search engines – who isn’t today. So I agreed to have a quick assessment of his website.

I was surprised to find not even the basic of search engine optimization (SEO) steps were done for his website. So, here are 10 basic search engine optimization techniques you can tell your provider. :)

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