Intel What’s Inside Videos Becoming Weirder

Here I thought the videos wouldn’t get cookier. But the agency behind the campaign is really pulling out the weirdest clues out of the box! Here are some of the weirder video clues so far.

The Joker come failed mugger

The smelling ninja

The Sanity

The pantyhose techie

And if you follow the What’s Inside Youtube channel, you’ll notice some of the characters playing multiple roles in the videos. 🙂

By the way, if you’re taking part in the What’s Inside contest, you may submit as many entries as you want until June 28, 2010. It says so in the Terms and Conditions.

Contest Rules

  • The Contest shall run from 21st June 2010 to 28th June 2010 (”Contest Period”).
  • Participants and/or the The Organizer Subscribers may submit as many entries as desired.

Source: What’s Inside T&C

Prize up for grab is 1 laptop/netbook. Also highlighted in the T&C. 😉

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