Twitter Acquires Posterous

Just got this in the mail not long ago. I’m thrilled to announce that Posterous has been acquired by Twitter! The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier to bring our technology and expertise to hundreds of millions of users around the globe.  Plus, the people at Twitter are genuinely … Read more

Website Review: Churp Churp Redesign

Before I start talking about the new ChurpChurp website, here’s a trick question to the Churpers or even, Nuffies working in ChurpChurp office. How many times have the ChurpChurp website been redesigned? 5? 10? 1? 3? Well, jump into the time machine thanks to and let me show you some of ChurpChurp’s older website … Read more

Measure Website Return on Investment (ROI)

While tuned into BFM’s Open for Business, one of the Pink Sage restaurant’s partner asked about the ROI for their website. The answers were lead only towards the website traffic and nobody corrected the question. Seated on my couch, I was thinking, shouldn’t they have explained the ROI for the website depends on what you’re … Read more

Where do blogs fit into your web strategy?

The web has grown up very quickly. From using blogs as a marketing communication tool, SEO to boost awareness to now, social media as your reach to the masses. But among all this talk now, I wonder where  and how does the blog fit into your online strategy? Let’s have a look at some popular … Read more

Lenovo V360 with Wimax-Inside Test Drive On The Road

It’s always exciting to have a product (no one has yet) to review. I still remember the day I got my iPhone 2G for review. It was awesome! Though the Lenovo V360 with Wimax-inside isn’t as small, I’m slowly but surely falling in love with it. Plus, it feels very light. Nearly made me want … Read more

What is Inside? Wimax is Inside

Doh. In particularly, the Intel Centrino Advanced-N with Wimax 6250. And I’ll say this again, damn I had to miss this event.  Anyway, I still love you – Intel, P1, Wimax, BNI and, work. *shiver* 6 computer manufacturers offer Wimax notebooks or netbooks With the unveiling of the new notebook laptops and netbooks, from 6 … Read more

Apple Changes Everything. Again.

This morning was Apple’s most-talked about event; Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, also known as WWDC. It’s the event for Apple evangelists and enthusiasts because it’s in this event new products are announced, shown and launched. It’s got so much attention, even us Malaysians were staying up in the wee hours of the morning following updates … Read more

Google Adds Buzz Into Gmail

The new buzz word in town is Google Buzz – pun intended. But many (including myself) are still wondering why did Google create or introduce Buzz as a service? Plus, they’ve already integrated it into Gmail. I’ve many questions regarding the Google Buzz service: What is it suppose to be? How do we use it? … Read more

A Day Without Twitter

Like how our mobile phones have become part of our daily life, Twitter has become a part of mine. A day without Twitter or less than 5 logins to it feels as if I’ve lost a connection in my life. It’s as if I’ve been disconnected from the world of: Website design What are the … Read more