Where do blogs fit into your web strategy?

The web has grown up very quickly. From using blogs as a marketing communication tool, SEO to boost awareness to now, social media as your reach to the masses. But among all this talk now, I wonder where¬† and how does the blog fit into your online strategy? Let’s have a look at some popular … Read more

How Effective Post Titles Affect Your Blog?

Currently, I’m doing research for a project and I’ve been asking for websites which accentuate colors. And an online friend; hinching, recommended me Devlounge on Twitter. @dannyfoo try devlounge.com and have a look at their Friday focus posts. I think there was a colour theme a while back. :) Well, it was a great recommendation … Read more

The Malaysia Blog No One Cared About

My blog was unavailable the past 3-4 days due to a dumb mistake I made unconsciously. Any reader who came to my blog during the time would see the landing page above (click image for larger). It was what I’d call; my BRB page, instead of under construction. And believe me, nothing was under construction. I was busy reinstalling my blog and restoring all my 605 posts.

So why would it take me 3-4 days to restore everything? It takes less than 5 minutes to setup WordPress, right? Well, yes it took me less than 2 minutes to get WordPress up and running. But I spent a half-day figuring out why my imported WordPress WXR backup file wasn’t importing right. Then, I spent more than 2 hours splitting up the backup file (I’ll explain later) in preparation to import. But it gets better.

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