Where do blogs fit into your web strategy?

The web has grown up very quickly. From using blogs as a marketing communication tool, SEO to boost awareness to now, social media as your reach to the masses. But among all this talk now, I wonder where¬† and how does the blog fit into your online strategy? Let’s have a look at some popular … Read more

Ideas for Malaysia Advertisers to Reach Starbucks Customers

Right now, I’m sitting and chilling (literally) at a Starbucks outlet. Brrr. Anyway, if you’ve used the free Internet here before you’d know there’s a compulsory landing page you bypass when you access the Internet. The landing page screens an advertisement from a sponsor to keep the WiFi free – yeay. :) On this screen, … Read more

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Brand Experience

A brand may be the logo designed for your company. But, branding is about sharing your brand philosophy and vision with your customer. Well, that’s my take of it. In the words of a branding consultant; Scratchdisk Creative, their description of branding in 140 characters via Twitter: Actually in all simplicity, branding is how people … Read more