Ideas for Malaysia Advertisers to Reach Starbucks Customers

Right now, I’m sitting and chilling (literally) at a Starbucks outlet. Brrr. Anyway, if you’ve used the free Internet here before you’d know there’s a compulsory landing page you bypass when you access the Internet. The landing page screens an advertisement from a sponsor to keep the WiFi free – yeay. :)

website screenshot
Sponsored by TM

On this screen, you’ve a 30-45 second wait time. Once that’s done, you click the Continue Surfing or it’ll automatically load the next screen. By then, you can surf normally.

Loopholes around it

If you’ve Adblock+ enabled on Mozilla Firefox, you’ll have to disable it and reload the page for it to load properly.

And if you’re on an iPhone, you won’t see the video because it’s a Flash video player so it’s much easier to skip. Hooray. :P

Why it isn’t as effective to me?

Now, for every time I’ve seen this page it’s always a video advertisement. And to date, none of the videos have captured my complete attention. Here are my reasons:

  • Content is boring.
  • Video is too long.
  • No interest for the product or service.
  • Working while waiting for it to finish.

Personally, I think I’ve no interest in it because its plain boring and it’s too long. Plus, is video the only media available? It’ll be quite sad if that’s true.

Why haven’t we seen this happening?

If you asked me how I’d use this page more effectively, I would:

  • Put a viral video.
  • Give a freebie.
  • Use a simple game.
  • Create something for sharing. Think Photofunia and social media.

There are probably more ways to use this page but I’m having too many cold thoughts racing through my fingers right now.

However, what do you think you could do with a page like this?

3 thoughts on “Ideas for Malaysia Advertisers to Reach Starbucks Customers”

  1. i hate video ads cause most of the time we didn’t expect it so the video’s sound usually surprises us when it autoload and what i’ll do for most of the time is.. turn off the sound xd

  2. LOL! Yes, there’s that too. Especially when you forgot you turned up the volume the last time you shutdown your computer. :)

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