Intel: What’s New Inside

Intel’s got a new toy to introduce to the geek market. And they’re right now teasing all of us; geeks, at their new What’s Inside website.

intel website screenshot
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And on YouTube.

Seems to me Intel is really going all out on their ‘Inside Matters’. Though I won a Dell Mini thanks to Intel previously, I remembered another campaign.¬†Participants were asked to write about an article or story about what matter’s inside. See, it’s like a disease. :P

Anyway, Intel is offering prizes worth RM2599 at their new campaign website. Initially, I thought there was 1 prize worth RM2599 but after reading it again, it’s prizes (plural; more than 1). But hey, more than 1 prize is a good thing too!

So, how do I win 1 of the prizes?

Easy. Submit 3 guesses of what you think is inside that funky rainbow box. ;)

Bonus tip for you

It’s easy to say, we could be looking at a Wimax-enabled netbook or laptop from Intel. At least that’s what others are saying. LOL!

If you’re in the market for a notebook or a netbook, here’s a tip: Get the one with WiMAX-Inside! |¬†

Source: @P1Media

By the way, dear Intel campaign team. Please link the Twitter logo to your account and not the main Twitter website. :P

D’you think there’s magic cookies inside the box?

I’ll let you know what I find when I look into the box at their launch event. ;)

intel p1 poster
Intel invitational event

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