The Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur (SMCKL) Experience

The Social Media Club (Kuala Lumpur edition) has been going strong ever since it started. It’s a meetup for social media buffs and anyone else who’d like to network and learn more about social media. It’s impacts, growth, lessons and experience from involving social media in their personal life and corporation. I missed the first … Read more

Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) 2010 Presentation Slides

I wasn’t able to attend the Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) at PJ Hilton. But I did stumble on these slides which have been uploaded to SlideShare by Vinoaj. Therefore, thought I’d share them here with you too. :) Gamc2010 09 – price testing holy grail of marketing – rachit dayal – happy marketer Gamc2010 … Read more

BarCamp Malaysia 2009

I missed out on a great BarCamp Malaysia this year. I attended the first one held last year organized by the same folks. However, this year’s BarCamp looked awesome and we had live micro-blogging (via Twitter) from the speakers as well as the participants. Awesome! Here’s a quick video done by thebackpackr to summarize the … Read more

Malaysia Wimax Implementation and Effects

The talk about the Malaysia WiMAX rollout is getting rampant. Tech geeks and bloggers seem to be aiming for the keywords; Malaysia and Wimax. As mentioned, all you need are a few good posts to increase your Google Adsense revenue and position yourself better in search engines. Let’s see if I’m able to position this blog with the phrase; Malaysia Wimax.

While at it, I’m thinking about the Malaysia WiMAX implementation and its possible effects towards our working culture and possibly, lifestyle. When Wimax finally rolls out in Malaysia (hopefully by this year), the first business which will get affected are cafes like Starbucks, Coffee Bean and other free wifi spots. Would they survive the rollout?

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Get TMNet to Refund You RM10 Per Day

Here’s something I bet not a lot of people know about. Because if word got out, I betcha TMNet will crumble soon. One of my business network members was complaining about how his Internet connection was up and down. Worst part is when he sends an email the connection goes down.

Anyway, he related his connection problem to you know who and was left frustrated in the end – as usual. Later he found out from another friend, you has the right as the subscriber to demand a daily refund whenever the connection is down for more than 24 hours. Each day is supposedly around RM10. During this time of turmoil, RM10 is enough to fill a quarter pertrol in my MyVi.

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