Make It a Triple To Go Please

Everyone has their cravings, coffee with triple shots or even a Ramly burger triple patty. Oh, now that sounds so good I’m having a sudden hunger pang for burger. T_T

And what would top my Ramly burger pang, would be a triple Nutella spread on bread. Yes, you read it right. Three slices of bread with a smooth layer of Nutella on each side of it. Oh, that would hit the spot for me during tea time. *drool*

And besides the oh-so-good Nutella sandwich, P1 has introduced a triple quota ToGo promotion aimed at the mobile warriors with a higher demand to keep playing with no limits while on the move.

Yes siree, Bob! Back in 2010, I was the lucky few given a chance to take the Lenovo V360 laptop with Wimax support around the town. During that time, I didn’t have a mobile data plan so I even stopped at the road side, just to Google for the location I had to be at for my meeting!

Now, don’t you worry about the ToGo™ modem size. It’s slimmer than my triple slice Nutella sandwich and even lighter than your triple patty Ramly burger.

In addition, quota has been boosted 3.75x for you to keep playing while on the move and you may find their comparison one of the most affordable and value-for-money mobile internet plans right now.

So begone, while I keep eating my triple slice sandwich of Nutella.

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