iChoose.my website review quickie

MYNIC is on a roll at the moment; aggressively promoting our local top level domains (TLDs) like .MY and .COM.MY registrations. One of the recent marketing promotions they’ve launched is the iChoose campaign to persuade Malaysia bloggers to register a local domain name.


I liked their simple approach of presentation and they were heading the right direction with the quick domain name checker. However, I felt the “STMP” was pushing it a little.

Blogging tips for the masses

They’ve a section on the website with few articles written. I personally found the layout a little difficult for scanning content of the full length articles because of the unnatural arrangement of the panels.

ichoose.my blogging tips

I felt my eyes going all over the place with text being here and there.

Feature request

This was something I didn’t expect to see on their campaign website. But anyway, if it was a feature I would request is to please please please please please revamp the user experience of your domain management system. :P

Cash prize giveaway

They’re running a lucky draw contest with a RM10,000 cash prize as the one grand prize. The mechanics of the contest is you must register a local top level domain name and write a blog entry with the following keywords; blogger, mynic and iChoose.my.

It’s unclear from the terms and conditions whether you may register any local top level domain names. This means other than .MY, .COM.MY and .ORG.MY, you may also register .NET.MY and NAME.MY.

Personally, I’m not a fan of lucky draw type contests and to be honest, I still find the price range for local top level domain names pricey. Especially if it’s for personal use.

2 thoughts on “iChoose.my website review quickie”

  1. Hi Danny, thanks for your suggestions. We just updated ichoose.my to accept payments from all major banks through MOLPay system. And until 31 December 2013, we’re offering an unbeatable deal of RM30/year or RM50/2 years for .my mapping service. Hopefully a lot more people will be able to enjoy this benefit :)

  2. Hey hey, thanks for popping by. :) I’m glad the MYNIC team has taken further opportunity to promote their campaign. To be honest, I was already thinking about what kinda domain I should get for RM50. lol

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