The new Maybank2u website redesign stumbles

Before last weekend came, Maybank2u decided to unveil their latest website facelift. Unlike their last major Maybank2u website redesign launch, it didn’t go to well this time.

The wrath of social media

There was an article I read online and I couldn’t agree more that social media has made users more impatient. The moment we didn’t like something, it’s shared on social media.¬†And this was no different.

After I found out from a friend about the new redesign; from Facebook, I was curious what the new new (yes, that was intended) Maybank2u website looked like.

I was shocked.

The new new Maybank2u website redesign
The new new Maybank2u website redesign

In no particular order, this was what ran through my mind on 1st impression:

  1. Wow…everything’s big.
  2. The menu is huge.
  3. Wait…is that an arrow pointing right?
  4. What the?! The website scrolls horizontally?!
  5. How do I login to my Maybank2u online now? Where’d the login button go?

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t too happy with this new facelift. And it was an even worst experience because the website had problems loading initially.

As well as, last weekend was the end of month; salaries go in, credit cards need to be paid, money needs to be transferred…you get the idea. Add the website loading issues and that, users voiced their wrath on social media.

Frenzy in Facebook
Frenzy in Facebook

Damage was done and Maybank2u’s team needed to act fast in handling the issue. Thankfully, they could and did revert back to the good ol website with an apology on the first banner image.

We're sorry
We’re sorry

However, here’s something a little funny to me. I wonder how many general users really know the term; responsive design. Though I hope thanks to Maybank2u’s banner, everyone will finally be able to tell the difference between responsive design and being mobile accessible.

Unfortunately, what humoured me didn’t stop there. When I saw the banner which indicated Maybank2u aims to deliver a better user experience in this latest facelift, I was asking myself; did they really test the user experience?

You must be using Browser X for the best experience

By the way, dear Maybank2u team. When you mentioned to upgrade your browser, did you mean to say your website will no longer support Internet Explorer 7?

Internet Explorer 7 FTW
Internet Explorer 7 FTW

Oh, someone’s going to get a hurt real bad..

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  1. Thanks for the link-love Peter and good effort made on the redesign. It’s sad indeed knowing the ones in charge still don’t want to make sense of what should be important to its customers, or don’t want to know about us.

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