What is important in a blog footer design?

I had an inspiration for a WordPress theme. And as I thought about the custom homepage, translating it into a wireframe, I began to think. What’s so important about the blog theme’s footer? My search for an answer wasn’t very accurate. All I got were inspirational blog footer designs which highlighted the end of the … Read more

How to Lead The Eye in Website Design

In website design now, I always say it’s not only aesthetics but how website designers should communicate their design to the objective(s) of the website or webpage. Recently, Firebug had a website redesign. From that, I’m taking away and sharing with you my observation; how a subtle design led my eye. Sunken Arrows Besides the … Read more

Create an Effective Website Under Construction Homepage

Ideas are everywhere! And I found Modal’s website not long ago when doing some research for a client. They were featured in one of the CSS galleries for their new website landing page. Or, I’d say their functional under construction page. Who said under construction pages always needed the “Men at Work” signage or the … Read more

Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

magnifying-glassA friend of mine showed me his new website pending launch on Tuesday. It was done by another Malaysia website design company and not us at Simpleet Solutions. He was rather concerned about the position of his company website in search engines – who isn’t today. So I agreed to have a quick assessment of his website.

I was surprised to find not even the basic of search engine optimization (SEO) steps were done for his website. So, here are 10 basic search engine optimization techniques you can tell your provider. :)

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