How to Lead The Eye in Website Design

In website design now, I always say it’s not only aesthetics but how website designers should communicate their design to the objective(s) of the website or webpage.

Recently, Firebug had a website redesign. From that, I’m taking away and sharing with you my observation; how a subtle design led my eye.


Sunken Arrows

Besides the huge bug and red button, your eyes would naturally fall to the benefit columns. However, before reaching the 1st item of each column there’s a subtle sunken arrow.

These arrows are subconscious pointers to lead your eye to these columns. Instead of boxing content up, the designer gave more free space around the content but used the sunken arrows to make sure you read this content.

Design with Reason

In college and university, designers are asked to prepare rationales of their concepts. Same thing here, almost. Only here, your website design is taken to another level considered how a user will interact with your design. :)

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