What is important in a blog footer design?

I had an inspiration for a WordPress theme. And as I thought about the custom homepage, translating it into a wireframe, I began to think. What’s so important about the blog theme’s footer? My search for an answer wasn’t very accurate. All I got were inspirational blog footer designs which highlighted the end of the … Read more

WordPress Does Not Support Similar Widget in Multiple Sidebars

Blog layouts have changed from simple 2-column blog layouts into 3 or more columns. WordPress has had the option for you to select and configure the sidebar you choose since I can remember Kubrick. They’ve made it so easy for you to manage the sidebar with drag-and-drop functions they call widgets. But WordPress blog theme … Read more

The Big And The Beautiful Headlines

If you’re an Internet surfing junkie like me, you already may have stumbled across websites with the mentioned characteristics. Their headlines are bold (emphasized), large but beautiful in its unique way. Some website owners or designers do it because it fits the company branding. Some blog designers or blog authors love it because it makes … Read more