WordPress Does Not Support Similar Widget in Multiple Sidebars

Blog layouts have changed from simple 2-column blog layouts into 3 or more columns. WordPress has had the option for you to select and configure the sidebar you choose since I can remember Kubrick. They’ve made it so easy for you to manage the sidebar with drag-and-drop functions they call widgets.

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But WordPress blog theme design and development has showed me another limitation to this publishing system when used as a Content Management System (CMS). Have you tried adding the same default WordPress widget into multiple sidebars? In particular, the Recent Comments widget.

Some may ask, why do I need to display the Recent Comments widget in multiple sidebars? Well, I was helping a friend configure her WordPress lifestyle blog; Decorateur.

She wanted to display the Recent Comments on the homepage and the other pages. The challenge here was I needed to widgetize the 2 existing sidebars, which wasn’t difficult. After that, I needed to add the Recent Comments widget to both sidebars so it displays on the homepage and the templates she wanted. This was where I found the limitation.

In the end, my solution was to combine the sidebars into a dynamic sidebar with widget support to distinguish the homepage from other templates. The blog needed a dynamic sidebar because there was some custom styling to certain widgets in certain templates.

I’m sharing this and advicing you to experiment which default WordPress widget actually supports multiple sidebars. Because I know not all WordPress default widgets are affected – like Text widget.

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