Data Mining is Not Mining for Gold

In case you haven’t heard the term data mining, a simple example is when you subscribe to an email newsletter. The form you fill in with your name and your email is the most common method of data mining. This is the most common method of data mining.

Now, even when you download a free white paper it’s in exchange for the common personal details. Except for WordPress, that is.

Anyway, data mining isn’t mining for gold. Meaning you shouldn’t dig too deep or on the Internet, force your users to give too much personal detail for a single download. Unless, it’s for say the location map to the fountain of youth.

data mining

The example above is what made me want to publish this article. I filled up the form out of curiousity and evaluated if the offered white paper was truly worth my personal details. Simple answer, not really.

Put it simply, you shouldn’t dig too deep if your offering isn’t the weight or value of gold. Hence, always ask yourself if you’d exchange the requested personal details in exchange for the offering you are giving your users.

I’ve consulted clients on this before. The smart ones understand and ask for suggestions, whereas the insistent ones later find out not a lot of visitors are subscribing to their offer. Don’t make the same mistake!

What are the most common details you have given in exchange for information?

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