Website Content Trumps Website Visual Design

Being a Malaysia website designer, one of the common comments heard from a client is; there is too much text on the homepage. Well, if you’re the client reading this then here’s breaking news for you.

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Website content beats website visual design hands down because of optimization. And, isn’t the next question you’ll always ask the Malaysia website designer; how do I get my website #1 on Google or the first page?

You do it by optimizing the content on your homepage!

But don’t be mistaken, website visual design and website user experience is nearly two different topics. The latter is to plan and strategize your call-to-actions, whereas the otherĀ is to focus on your website visual aesthetics.

Therefore, there’s no harm having more text describing your company, its services, its benefits on the homepage of your website. However, I’d like to be clear optimization isn’t only about putting text but optimizing it. Here’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

And like I told a friend (and client) of mine, it’s not easy finding credible search engine optimization providers in Malaysia. But before that, you’ve a more concerning fact and weakness in your website right now.

Is your website homepage populated with content? Or, did you tell your Malaysia website designer to make it more attractive looking?

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  1. True true. I knew SEO too. Besides boosting your meta tags, you must provide sufficient information in the web page to “tell” the search engine, you have the most relevant information. Therefore, high ranking websites usually contain tons of words. :p

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