Is the Website Designer Responsible for Search Engine Optimization?

I just finished reading the article titled; Effective Search Engine Optimization for Web Designers, and it inspired me to write about the responsibility of a website designer in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Is the web designer responsible for a client’s SEO? I was thinking this because SEO is about content. It’s about the copywriting and … Read more

Website Content Trumps Website Visual Design

Being a Malaysia website designer, one of the common comments heard from a client is; there is too much text on the homepage. Well, if you’re the client reading this then here’s breaking news for you. Website content beats website visual design hands down because of optimization. And, isn’t the next question you’ll always ask … Read more

MSN Website Submission is Broken

A value-added service for website design in Malaysia is assisting clients to submit their websites to search engines. Three of the more popular search engines worldwide are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Though Nielsen reported in 2006, the accumulative total of users using an alternative nearly surpasses MSN Search. So there I was about to submit … Read more

Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

magnifying-glassA friend of mine showed me his new website pending launch on Tuesday. It was done by another Malaysia website design company and not us at Simpleet Solutions. He was rather concerned about the position of his company website in search engines – who isn’t today. So I agreed to have a quick assessment of his website.

I was surprised to find not even the basic of search engine optimization (SEO) steps were done for his website. So, here are 10 basic search engine optimization techniques you can tell your provider. :)

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