Safety Decisions and Credibility on Foursquare

Foursquare is still my primary check-in tool when I’m moving around – despite Facebook Places. But I’d like to share with you how Foursquare influenced my safety decisions and how social media have had affected credibility during my last car service visit.


Foursquare tips protected me

I already had plugged in my laptop, connected my power, attached my mouse and other peripherals. But after I checked-in and read the tips above, I quickly packed my things and scurried to the line of customer service personnel. Mainly because I don’t want anything missing from my car later and have someone tell me, your belongings are your responsibility – though it’s within their premises.

I asked the person who took my case if I could get something from my car. Thankfully, it was still in line to be serviced. That’s an experience how Foursquare tips influenced my safety concerns.

Foursquare tips affects your credibility long term

They say bad word of mouth spreads faster than good. Well, I’d say it also leaves a longer impression than good. Because though the tips left behind may have aged, I still took it into serious consideration which influenced my decision.

The best advice I can give to any local business with an official premise is to search your name on Foursquare. You may be surprised to find it’s already in there – users can freely create it on Foursquare. But most importantly, make sure you read the tips and check your credibility.

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