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The website owner dropped me an email to do a review of their website. And my instant reply was I’d only do it with the condition, I’m given freedom to write a website review of my opinion. They obliged so let’s jump into their website.

Minimalist approach like Apple

Protective covers for iPhone 4 fanatics

The website is an e-commerce store selling iPhone 4 protective cases only. And you’d be very surprised to find the variety of brands and protective case models they carry is quite large. Their main menu sports the 5 primary brands; Incase, Mica Glam, More Thing, Sienna and Speck. Which the only brand I recognize is Speck since I use their protective casing for my MacBook Pro. :P

It’s all about the colors

Colorful choices

Now, this is one of few websites I know which let’s you shop by the iPhone 4 casing color. Because if you think about it, guys and girls normally have a set of preferred colors.

So, great job to the owners having this placed in the main menu. Plus, they even followed through by having the menus reflected in the labeled colors.

I’m pretty sure you’d get some really awesome buying behavior data from doing this. We can probably expect seasonal promotions based on colors in the future? :)

Let me have a look at you, girl

I see you

Another thing I liked about this website was the ability to see the front and back of the iPhone 4 casing from the product category page. Normally, views of the product are viewable only in the product details page. But not for this website.

When you hover the default view; back cover, the image changes to the front view. Once again, a well thought of executed idea from the customer’s perspective. And if I really wanted more views, I’d then click on the product to find out more.

They must love Facebook

Over-sharing and troublesome wish list

The product detail page has your standard multiple product views, again using hover as a navigational. Not something I’m in favor, especially if you had a bad Internet day.

Then, if you may have noticed, there’s 2 types of Facebook plugins used. One’s the Like button and the other is the Share button – using Share This to generate buttons like Twitter, Facebook and Email. Honestly, I find the dual Facebook overkill. Plus, I’d have placed the sharing after the Add to cart action, not before.

Now, about the Wishlist. If you wanted to use it, you’ll have to register an account. That’s fine, if you didn’t have to fill up 10 fields. That too is overkill to start my wishlist.

Look at your head and foot

Bonus: Other things to think about

I’ve told myself 2-3 years ago, rule of thumb when I design a website is to not have text smaller than 12px. Unless it’s for something unimportant like the Copyright information. And if the owner reads this, please change the font color of your 4 links beside the search bar to a darker grey. Everyone’s monitor isn’t calibrated like mine to see the slightest of greys.

The next thing you’d want to do is, have a proper contact page. It’s not that hard to have a contact form done since you already have an e-commerce website. This’ll be better than the image in the footer with your email address which people can’t highlight to copy and paste. Plus, it’s not exactly short to type.

I’ve a question. Why do you need to link the Paypal, Visa and Mastercard logos back to Paypal Malaysia? Is it a pre-requisite?

You might also want to consider turning ‘Join the mailing list’ into a title, instead of a button. Due to the consistent use of grey text in your footer, it’s difficult to distinguish what’s a button without an image.

Overall, I think you did quite a good job. All improvements can be made without much problems. So I’m hoping to see them implemented later. :)

Now, please don’t ask me about iPhone 4 protective cases. This is only a review of the website; Questions should be directed there.

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