How to embed the new Google Maps

From my observation, most of the websites today embed Google Maps into their page of contact. And even most website templates have embedded Google Maps into their contact templates nowadays.

However, when Google Maps recently went through a change, it affected myself in getting the generate code to embed the map from Google Maps. At the time, the newly redesigned Google Maps didn’t have the option to generate the needed code until now.

So let’s go ahead and find out how to generate the map embed code with the new Google Maps.

One of the changes I noticed in the new embedded Google Maps now is the “bubble” has become a less intrusive square. Woohoo! And depending on your selected embed size, it’ll simplify the display of place information so the square would be even less intrusive. Woohoo!

Though I kinda wish there was an option to select what information I’d like to be made available in the square. :|

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